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From the moment you wake up until your day is over

you are constantly impacted by the Uniform Commercial Code. Your electric toothbrush, shampoo, soap, hair dryer and the clothes you wear were all sold and purchased under laws contained in the Uniform Commercial Code. Your computer, phone, and automobile, as well any check you may write, are also transactions governed by the UCC. The same is true of every piece of tangible personal property you may ever purchase or lease. Likewise, as to the note you sign if you purchase a house.

The Uniform Commercial Code grants consumers substantial rights in connection with commercial transactions within its coverage.  However, the law requires very specific actions to be taken by consumers to protect these rights

Failure to take these steps can result in economic disaster

The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy demystifies complicated law that affects you all day every day, in a user-friendly manner unlike any law book which has ever been written.  The book is the only one in the history of legal education written in the form of an entertaining short-story narrative. Steps necessary to protect your valuable rights are explained step by step through ongoing commercial transactions we engage in every day.

The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy empowers its readers through knowledge.  The power to achieve rapid and successful dispute resolution on the spot, is dramatically increased by knowing the UCC.

If you are in business, it is essential to have a solid working knowledge of the UCC.  Failure to follow certain protocols which require action by a merchant within a specific time, can result in the unfortunate loss of a substantial amount of money, or worse….your business. 

Knowledge of the UCC is not just important for lawyers, it’s imperative knowledge for everyday consumers just like you.

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About the Author:

Robert LeVine is the best-selling author of The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy, the first and only law book in history to condense, and explain, the content of a massive statutory scheme through the form of a short story novel. The book entertains, enlightens and empowers its readers as it teaches and guides the reader through the pervasive and powerful content of the Uniform Commercial Code.

 The book has received national and world recognized endorsements and is a long-time Best Seller on the Amazon Business Law Best Seller’s list. In addition to two decades as a law professor teaching the Uniform Commercial Code, LeVine spent a decade speaking. to State Bar Associations throughout the United States as a featured CLE presenter, teaching the Uniform Commercial Code in one day.

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What people are saying about The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy

“I find The Uniform Commercial Code Made Easy extraordinarily useful in making commercial law available to businessmen and students in business schools of the country,… and as ancillary reading for law students. [Rob] made it so simple.”
Soia Mentschikoff
Associate Chief Reporter to the UCC; Consultant to the Permanent Editorial Board of the UCC; Dean, University of Miami School of Law; Professor of Law, University of Chicago, Harvard, Columbia
“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! In this case he comes in the form of former University of Miami School of Law professor Robert M. LeVine, who has made one of the most complicated bodies of law in the United States—the Uniform Commercial Code—not only comprehensible but entertaining.”
Thomas R. Schuck
Past National President of the Federal Bar Association and a partner at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP in Cincinnati; co-author of Reutter’s Federal Employment Litigation, published by Thomson/Reuter’s.
“I was amazed. I never thought it possible to make the UCC interesting. But I was wrong. For once I had read a book that made me understand the contents and interrelationships of the Code sections and at the same time I enjoyed reading it.”
F. William Harvey
JD, Wharton MBA. Former Financial Comptroller for Citibank International
“THIS BOOK BELONGS IN THE HANDS OF EVERY SMALL BUSINESS OWNER IN AMERICA! In retrospect I realize how blindly I had journeyed while establishing my practice/small business. I depended on my bank, vendors and minor legal assistance to guide me through the process. I would have been so much better equipped with the wisdom and guidance of this easy to read and understand book. I thoroughly enjoyed the story format of Stephen’s business adventure!”
Kimberly Fabre
Rob’s book is a unique quantity. It presents in understandable terms an area of law which is of interest to every businessman….It is interesting, easy to read, and substantively accurate. …You will sell a million copies.
John T. Gaubatz
Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law, JD Harvard; Co-Author, Federal Taxation of Estates, Trusts and Gifts
“It’s people like you, Rob, who truly make a difference in children’s lives, and I am honored to know you.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Former Governor of California
“This guy is a dynamo! Who thought the UCC could be so exciting. I really enjoyed his insight, passion, energy and enthusiasm”
Preston W.
Miami, Florida
“Awesome!! Inspirational!! More!!!”
Rick Iaccino
Las Vegas Nevada
”This is arguably the most important book you will ever read, especially if you are in business. The knowledge Rob reveals in this incredible book has saved me nearly $1,000,000. It’s funny, it’s touching and it’s brilliantly presented. I laughed out loud as I learned. I’ve never seen anything like it. Don’t buy another thing before you read this great book.
Shelley Roxanne
“#1 Best Selling Author, Radio and TV Personality, National Woman of Influence, Entrepreneur “

“#1 Best Selling Author, Radio and TV Personality, National Woman of Influence, Entrepreneur “

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